About Nomad Aviation

What is Nomad Aviation

Nomad Aviation Ltd is part of a specialist aviation group strategically expanding around the Pacific Rim. Nomad and its partners offer turnkey heavy-lift helicopter services based on industry best practice, utilising leading edge techniques and technologies.

With operations and facilities in North America and SE Asia, Nomad Aviation has the ability to access additional assets and personnel for almost any project, in any location.

As the company name implies, we pride ourselves on being able to undertake long term, continuous and high utilisation operations in some of the remotest parts of the world. Every member of our team understands that the company derives power from productivity and strength from safety. These dual imperatives are core company values. Properly managed, we have demonstrated that our aircraft are capable of continuous high utilisation without compromising safety or efficiency.

nomad aviation sikorsky s 61a and super puma fleet
nomad aviation precision helicopters firefighting super puma dropping water

Organisation history

In June 2006, company founders, John Forsyth and Garry Mahoney, established Nomad Aviation in response to client requests for heavy-lift helicopter operations in Sarawak, Malaysia.  With thousands of hours of international experience in heavy helicopters, John and Garry were well placed to fill a very specialised niche in the region.

Nomad has grown its operations to be the largest specialist heavy-lift operator in SE Asia.

In 2010, David Rath joined the company to spearhead its expansion into North America, culminating in the purchase of Precision Helicopters in early 2011.

The group currently operates PC12 Turboprops, AS350B3’s, Bell 205 A++, Sikorsky S-61’s, 5 x AS332 Super Pumas, as well as various other aircraft and UAVs.

“Unblemished safety record since inception”


The group has offices in the USA, Singapore and Indonesia with maintenance support facilities in McMinnville, OR, USA, and Subang Airport, West Malaysia.

Administration and logistics in Southeast Asia are handled from our office and warehouse in Singapore, well known for its business efficiency, and its reputation as a logistics hub.

Our significant inventory of spares along with the support partnerships with our Aircraft and Engine OEM’s, ensures the operation can maintain extraordinarily high readiness and availability, regardless of the geographical location of our operations.

nomad aviation behind the scenes overhaul facility